Viva La France!

“Global stock markets rose to their highest ever levels on Tuesday as a wave of relief over the first-round French presidential election results continued to sweep through equity markets.”

Following Macron and Le Pen’s win in Sunday’s first round of elections, the markets have been reacting positively yesterday with a focus on the European market and especially the French market.

The most dominant trades of yesterday were the CAC 40, DAX 30 and the Euro against other currency pairs.

The CAC has closed its trading on Friday at the price of 5059.2 and has reached to a peak point yesterday of 5295.47 – a rise of 4.67% while the DAX went up at the same time by 3.38%. The Euro Vs. the USD went up by 1.94% at the most.

In the last year, the DAX 30 went up by 21.3%.

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