-French elections: May 7th, 2017-

-French elections: May 7th, 2017-

The race to win the French presidential election has entered its final few days with Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen both eager to win the chair of Hollande (current president of France).

The first round of the election triggered significant movements in the market, the upcoming election expected to cause similar, if not greater volatility across the financial markets.

The current polls for both candidates are-

59.8% for Macron

40.2% for Le Pen

The most likely outcome will be a win for Macron. In that case, the market will act positively to this choice.

One thing to bear in mind is that Trump and Clinton had a similar race with similar poll results and in the end, the “underdog” won the presidency.

In the case that Le Pen will win the elections, the market will be painted in dark red in the short term with a potential similarity to the Brexit occasion.


Dominant movements in the first round of the elections were:
The CAC40 which went up 4.46% (up to 111.6% profit with offered leverage).
The Dax30 which went up by 3.3% (up to 82.5% profit with offered leverage).
The Euro Vs. US Dollar which went up by 2% (up to 200% profit with offered leverage).

*By trading CFDs your capital is at risk.

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