Watch out for the upcoming UK elections on June 8th.

Over the past few months we have witnessed a few major economic events that their effects were high volatility in the worldwide indices up to 8% in a day.

Last June, we witnessed “Brexit” which was considered one of the highest-impact events over the last few years. Brexit, was probably the move that led to the current upcoming election in the United Kingdom.


On April 18th current prime minister, Theresa May, called for a “snap” elections and said that the elections are the only way to unify “Westminster” ahead of the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

Currently, the Conservative party (led by Theresa May) are leading the polls with 48% of the votes while the Labour party (led by Jeremy Corbyn) have received only 31% of the votes.

Since May’s announcement of the early election the GBP value against the USD went up by 3.6% while the FTSE 100 value went up by 3.1%.


*By trading CFDs your capital is at risk.

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