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Last week, our analysis department has predicted that the US markets will break new all-time highs.
Yesterday we already saw it happening. The “FAANG” stocks, which are worth 13% of the entire US economy ($2.415 trillion), rose up to 2.9% just yesterday.
The move was led by Apple (AAPL +2.86%) and Alphabet (GOOG +1.87%). According to our head analyst, Ivan Schüller, “the trend is still bullish and we can expect the Tech sector for another 10%-15% rise up to the end of this year. We are still in the risk comfort zone with the current Tech prices.”

Another stock that is favorited by our analysis department for 2017 is Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA +1.34%). Boeing has announced yesterday the launch of their new jet, the Boeing 737 Max-10. The airplane will be able to carry up to 230 people in 1 class configuration. The U.S. plane maker said it had more than 240 orders from at least 10 customers for the new 737.

No wonder our team gave a buy recommendation at the start of 2017 for BA stock.
Driven by the new trump policy, the new non-military orders and the low oil prices, we can’t see a clear reason why Boeing’s stock should slow down its rally from the beginning of 2017.

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