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1964 was an eventful year. 53 years ago, humans were making big steps toward space travel beyond the Earth’s orbit, Tokyo hosted the 18th Olympic games and the Beatles took America by storm, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was legislated into a law and the anonymous Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali and the heavyweight champion of the world, Cyprus encountered a civil war between their Turkish and Greek citizens and President Lyndon Johnson’s involvement has turned a conflict into the Vietnam War.

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All of the mentioned above were major events during that year but there was one more event that may affect the world and how it looks today more than the rest, the birth of Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen which we know today as Jeff Bezos (pronounced as Beizous and not Bezos as most of us are used to say). Bezos is currently the second richest man alive, with a total capital of $85.2 Billion, after Bill Gates with $88.7 Billion. Bezos has gained most of his capital in the last 8 years. According to the Forbes 400 list – Bezos’s net worth in 2009 was “only” $8.7 Billion which means he gained 979% on his personal investments over the last 8 years.

We all know Bezos as the co-founder of the enormous retail store – Amazon.com, which is, by the way, the world’s largest online shopping retailer. But, most investors aren’t aware of the other key investments that Bezos holds such as, one of them is the biggest search engine in the world, Google.

In 1998, Jeff invested in Google $250,000 from his own capital which turned into $280 Million in 2004 when Google went public.

Today, Bezos’s investment is worth more than $3.2 Billion!

Amazed by Google?

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Well, 99% of people don’t know that Bezos is one of the owners of Twitter as well, surprised? There is a lot more from where it came from, take a look at the list below and get the full image of the Bezos empire.

Airbnb – sharing economy
Aviary – software (photo editing)
Basecamp – software (project management)
Behance – self-promotion network
Blue Origin – space travel
Business Insider – publishing
Crowdrise – for-profit charitable giving platform
Domo – software (business intelligence)
D-Wave Systems – quantum computing
Everfi – technology for education
Finsphere – software (authentication)
General Assembly – technology education
General Fusion – sustainable energy (nuclear fusion)
Glassybaby – supports cancer patients
Google – google searcher
Juno Therapeutics – cancer biopharmaceuticals
Kongregate – online games
Linden Lab – online games (Second Life)
Lookout – technology (mobile security)
MakerBot Industries – 3D printers
MFG.com – manufacturer direct marketplace
Nextdoor – localized social networking
Pelago – online games
Powerset – natural-language search engine
Pro.com – home services marketplace
Qliance – health care
Rescale – cloud computing simulations
Rethink Robotics – manufacturing robots
Sapphire Energy – sustainable energy (crude oil from algae)
Skytap – cloud computing
Stack Exchange – technology publishing
TeachStreet – search engine to find teachers
Twitter – social networking
Uber – sharing economy
Vessel – subscription video service
Vicarious – artificial intelligence
Workday – software for business
ZocDoc – software (healthcare appointments)

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