Q2 Earning Season’s roller coaster is here and it’s going to be hectic! – see who reports what and when!

Earnings B

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If you’ll ask any Investor/Trader you meet what is the busiest period of the year for him, you will get the same answer – Earnings Season. Each quarter starts with the companies’ earnings results of the previous quarter. In simple words –  all of the biggest companies in the market will report if they made or lost money during this month!

The opening shot of each Earning season is usually Alcoa (symbol: AA) which in the past, investors used AA’s results in order to predict if the earning season is going to be positive or negative.

This time, we are going to see some other heavy guns announcing before Alcoa who will report on July 19thThis Friday we are expecting to see J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup Inc., and Wells Fargo reveal their results, 3 banks that are worth almost 1 trillion dollars on the same day.

This is what we call a promising start.

In the third week of July that will start on the 17th, we are going to see the results of some key players in the Tech industry and others.

Watch the full list for the thierd week of July  here:

Netflix, Inc.

Yahoo! Inc.


Visa Inc.


Bank Of America


Johnson & Johnson


Goldman Sachs

Lockheed Martin

Morgan Stanley


American Express

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