About us


FXPM is one of the major and most secure providers of Crypto-Currencies trading, which allows trading on the 8 most familiar liquid cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripplecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, and Novacoin) with the tightest and most competitive spreads & commissions. The cryptos are traded on the same platform among the other assets FXPM provides (indices commodities, shares, and currencies), which makes the Crypto-Currencies trading accessible from mobile devices, desktop and web platforms.
The FXPM team consists of experienced professionals determined to provide you with the most convenient and pleasurable way to trade. Our secure trading platform provides a balance between sophisticated and diverse features and user-friendly interface. FXPM enables its customers to trade with a variety of assets on the world markets, an excellent opportunity to build a diverse portfolio in a quick and convenient manner. We strive to keep updating our technology, data and user experience on a regular basis.
Striving to offer superior customer service we provide our clients with a wide selection of informational and educational materials as well as a real-time news feed. Our support team is always present to answer any questions that you may have about trading or our platform. We want you to be able to focus all your attention on your strategy and analysis, therefore we provide the most convenient features and tools to enhance your trading experience.
FXPM offers a wide variety of commodities to help you secure a more diverse and secure portfolio. Besides currency pairs, we present you with the opportunity to trade with precious metals and energy. For example, oil and gold are a preferred choice among traders to ensure the stability of their investment portfolio.
Other great opportunities include trading with shares and indices. FXPM enables you to trade with Contracts for Difference (or CFD’s), providing a way to profit from the price changes of commodities without actually owning them. Our customers can benefit from very high leverages and lower capital requirements for entry into the market. Keep in mind, however, that as much as leverage can boost profits it can also amplify losses. Therefore, proper strategies for risk management should be implemented, based on research and analysis. To help its customers achieve success in trading FXPM endeavors to provide the most versatile and trustworthy software, which is easy to use and intuitive.
FXPM has brought together a team of inspired, creative and experienced professionals, aiming to provide the customer with maximum value and opportunity. We work hard to ensure your access to the world markets in a convenient and secure way. Begin trading with FXPM and start your journey to success.