Market Forecast 25/10/2017

EUR/GBP is eyeing further gains above 0.8975 and USD/CHF remains in a major uptrend above the 0.9875 support level. EUR/GBP Forecast – Euro Eyeing Further Gains Key Points The Euro after forming a base around the 0.8880 level against the British Pound started an upside move. There was a break above a short-term bearish trend… Continue reading Market Forecast 25/10/2017

Market Forecast 16/10/2017

EUR/GBP remains in a bearish trend below 0.8940 and USD/CHF is attempting an upside break above the 0.9770 resistance. EUR/GBP Forecast – Euro Remains in Downtrend Key Points The Euro started a new downtrend from the 0.9030 swing high against the British Pound. There is a declining channel forming with resistance at 0.8880 on the… Continue reading Market Forecast 16/10/2017

Market Forecast 29/09/2017

The USD/CHF pair is attempting a downside break below 0.9700, and Gold is about to break a major resistance area at $1290. USD/CHF Forecast – US Dollar Attempting Downside Break Key Points The US Dollar after trading towards 0.9770 found sellers against the Swiss Franc, and moved down. The USD/CHF pair is currently attempting a… Continue reading Market Forecast 29/09/2017

Market Forecast 20/09/2017

EUR/GBP likely completed a correction and would resume its downtrend below 0.8880. USD/CHF is under pressure and approaching a short term break below 0.9600. EUR/GBP Forecast – Euro To Resume its Downtrend Key Points The Euro has started a major downside move and is currently trading below the 0.8900 handle against the British Pound. There… Continue reading Market Forecast 20/09/2017

Market Forecast 11/09/2017

EUR/GBP Forecast – Euro To Retest 0.9080 Vs Pound? Key Points The Euro after an impressive bullish run towards the 0.9300 level against the British Pound found sellers. There are two bearish trend lines positioned on the upside at 0.9175 on the hourly chart of the EUR/GBP pair. Today in the Euro Zone, the Italian… Continue reading Market Forecast 11/09/2017

Market Forecast 04/09/2017

AUDUSD – Aussie Dollar Correcting Lower Key Points The Aussie Dollar traded as high as 0.7992 against the US Dollar before starting a correction. There is a descending channel or we can say a flag pattern with resistance at 0.7960 forming on the hourly chart of the AUD/USD pair. Today in Australia, the TD Securities… Continue reading Market Forecast 04/09/2017

USDCHF Poised For Further Declines

The US Dollar after struggling to settle above 0.9700 against the Swiss Franc moved down. The USDCHF pair broke a bullish trend line on the hourly chart at 0.9650 and also breached the 100 hourly simple moving average. The pair is currently following a descending channel with resistance at 0.9660 on the same chart. The… Continue reading USDCHF Poised For Further Declines

USDCHF Remains as Sell on Rallies  

The US Dollar is trading lower against the Swiss Franc and already moved below the 0.9715 support area. The USDCHF pair is currently finding bids near 0.9695 and currently attempting a correction. On the upside, there is a bearish trend line on the 15-min chart with resistance at 0.9708. Moreover, the 23.6% Fib retracement level… Continue reading USDCHF Remains as Sell on Rallies